It's Your Own 
That Counts

     I know the most interesting people in the world: whip makers, performers, hobbyists, athletes, scientists, spiritual people, and martial artists - because there's a spot where all this talent, knowledge, and energy intersects, and that's in the World of Whips.

      As a professional bullwhip artist, I've traveled the world, making my living cracking whips, giving lessons, and consulting on stage and TV projects. Whips have been good to me, so doing this newsletter is a way for me to "give back" to the whips that have so enriched my life.

     My "other" career in a previous life was journalism - newspapers and magazines - so it's a double pleasure to  make a whip story interesting, informative, and entertaining     

     When I picked up whips thirty years ago, I promised myself I would quit when it stopped being FUN.

How's that going? I'm very much still cracking my whips.

     Thanks for subscribing!  Be Safe!

     Yours truly,
         - Robert Dante -